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Height: 6'
Suit: 42R
Shirt: 17 x 34/35
Waist: 33
Inseam: 34
Shoe: 10
Eyes: BLUE
DOB: 1961 BIO: I love to spend time with my seven year old son Aiden. We mountain bike, surf, skateboard the skate parks, hike and he holds on to my legs when we kitesurf wave sail together. There are not many sports that I don't like to play or have not played. I am a lifeguard boat operator, own the original local kitesurfing school, am emergency four wheel drive vehicle operator and was EMT for many years. Competed in surfing, swimming, windsurfing, kitesurfing, water polo, paddle board, surf ski as well as other lifeguard competition events for years. Paragliding above the Malibu Mountains, hiking, road biking and mountain biking add to the fun. Did an open wheel race car driving school years ago and also enjoy riding motorcycles on and off road. I was a marathon runner/triathalete and still do a bit of running. Getting in the local lap pool and doing a swim workout at least four days a week keeps me in shape and is a great cathartic when not in the office seeing patients as a chiropractor/xray supervisor operator or enjoying doing some stand up comedy. I also grew up with horses and like to ride as well as play with all kinds of other animals. SAG IMDb:

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