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Height: 6' 2 Suit: 36R Shirt: 15 X 34 Waist: 30 Inseam: 32 Shoe: 10 Eyes: BROWN Hair: BLACK
DOB: 1984 BIO: I spend a lot of my free time on self improvement. I meditate daily, cook most of my meals, do yoga and Pilates to stay flexible, and read or listen to audiobooks on personal development or spirituality on 2x speed. I created 2 blogs on healthy eating, wrote a nutritional guide ebook, and created a YouTube channel with 30+ episodes discussing the healthiest way to eat, called Model Health Secrets. I wanted to become a model/actor because growing up without an Asian community in Santa Barbara, CA, I saw how negative stereotypes in the media towards Asian men influenced how people viewed me. I wanted to contribute towards undoing the narrative that Asian men are undesirable. I've also helped many people change their lives through eating properly and letting go of the American diet. I want to use any exposure and influence I may attain to be an example and serve to positively change people's health through food. I also love anything 90's. Hip Hop, Alternative music, and movies all day!

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